Social Responsibility

LANACare has worked with wool for over 30 years. Wool is a completely natural and biodegradable material.  Woolen products can be used for many coming years. Wool is a renewable recourse – sheep grow wool coat every year, that need to be cut off due to health reasons. At LANACare we aim to work with responsible farmers who treat their animals and soil well, so there are no chemicals in the environment. We source our organic merino wool from healthy sheep, that have healthy and free living conditions, chemical-free environment. In this way LANACare wool is pesticide free and clean all they way from the beginning.

LANACare owns a factory facility in Lithuania, where working conditions and positive environment are followed strictly. With Scandinavian attitude of care towards every employee and every process of the production, LANACare has created friendly working environment, where each employee contributes to the highest quality of the final product.