Benefits of Wool

Wool has been used and well-known by human for thousands of years. Its excellent features such as breathability, natural warmth, moist absorption, insulating against heat & cold have placed wool among the finest fabrics in the world.

Merino wool is the softest of wools. It touches gently to the skin, creating a soft massage effect. Its natural breathability maintains a comfortable temperature against the skin, regulating the body temperature. Even when wet wool feels warm and comfortable to the skin. Wool’s natural oil – lanolin cleanses away bacteria & neutralizes odours.

Wool is a totally natural material, therefore feels so familiar to the human body. The wool fibre is built similarly as the human skin.

Wool is dust mite resistant. Natural lanolin in the wool makes it naturally resistant to dust mites and mould. Also, wool has the ability to quickly absorb and release moisture and thus does not allow the damp conditions that dust-mites thrive in.

Organic wool is antimicrobial and antibacterial, due to the natural lanolin in the wool.

Wool is fire resistant. Wool does not catch on fire and actually acts as a natural fire retardant.