Wool care

 Washing Advice for Untreated Organic Wool

The best advice when it comes to washing natural, untreated wool is Do not wash it too often. Most of the time, it is enough to hang it outside to air, especially in cold damp weather. Natural wool contains lanolin. When the lanolin comes in contact with moisture, a process takes place in which lanolin is converted to soap, cleansing the wool.

If and when you want to wash the wool, remember to use washing detergent made specifically for wool, or a mild shampoo. Standard washing detergent contains enzymes, which will destroy the wool fiber. We all know the feeling we have when washing something very delicate and dear to us; we want to wash it with extra care, by hand. When washing your organic woolens by hand, do it gently without agitating the garment too much in the water. Excessive agitation can cause the wool to felt.

Wash in lukewarm water, 30 degrees Celsius (86 degrees Fahrenheit). Rinse in 30 degrees Celsius. Most new washing machines have wool programs, but when it comes to organic, natural wool, choose the program for hand washing.  See the icon. The handwashing program swishes the material softly, without felting it. If your washing machine does not have a hand-wash program, we recommend testing the program you choose first, to see that it functions with wool.

After washing, spin in a pillowcase or a net bag. Lie the woolen garment flat and shape it as it was before.

Wool should not be hung to dry nor dried in direct sunlight (which can lead to discoloration).

Washing your wool with care, such as this, will allow it to last and be passed on to the next generation.