Every breast-feeding mother wants breast-feeding to be a positive experience for her and her baby. LANACare nursing pads have been invented and patented by Jeannette Almström. It is a unique and very beneficial product for breastfeeding made in organic soft merino wool. LANACare nursing pads provide the best conditions for successful breast-feeding. They are incredibly soft and gentle. Woollen nursing pads help to keep the breasts warm and protected against cold or wind, therefore recommended to use all year round. Natural warmth of the wool stimulates blood circulation and lactation processes, providing soothing relief in most breastfeeding problems. Even when the nursing pads are wet they still feel warm and dry due to wool ability to absorb moist. In that way LANACare nursing pads allow the skin to breath and remain dry, allowing sore nipples to heal.

LANACare nursing pads contain natural lanolin, perfectly soothing sore nipples. Lanolin’s cleansing properties keep the wool fresh and hygienic. Most women need only 2 pairs for the entire nursing period – when your pads feel wet, or at least daily, let them dry on a dry heat source (as radiator) while wearing a second pair. It is recommended to use a size that covers the whole breast.