Lanolin cream


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Brand new product by LANAcare. Hypoallergenic Lanolin Cream has been created especially for problematic baby or grown-up skin. It is great to be used in cases of Nappy rash. It promotes healing process and covers sensitive baby skin in protective lanolin layer. Natural lanolin neutralizes urine, therefor it functions untibactereally, creating a protective layer. Lanolin is very close to human skin and safe for the baby.

Lanolin cream is very benificial in cases of irritated or damaged skin, such as cold-effected skin, cracked or wounded skin, burn effected skin. Lanolin promotes wound healing process as well as healthy skin recovery. The cream is easy and smooth to apply.

Lanacare lanolin cream has received A-label from Danish Consumer Council, which indicates that there are no problematic chemicals found in it.