Kapok benefits

“We are engaged in preserving the resources of the world, producing a absolute clean chemical free product and have the social responsibility all through the production.” Jeannette Almström, CEO of Ceiba and LANAcare

Environmental benefits

No pesticides or insecticides are used and no artificial watering is needed for the tree to grow. This means no harm to the nature or people is done as well as no water which is a short supply in these parts of the world.ceiba-2-1

Kapok tree grows in the rain forest in the tropical zone. By using the kapok fiber we also benefit to survival of the rain forest – so called “the lungs of the world”.

The growing of kapok is sustainable – minimum pollution, no use of chemicals, no use of water and a minimum of CO2 release. You can harvest from the same tree up to 200 years. No chemicals or water are present in the whole process from the kapok fiber to the final product.

Social benefits

Kapok processing creates work opportunities for local people in low income areas (mostly women), without polluting the environment, supporting people and giving work where it is a shortage of possibility to get bread on the table. And thus acting responsibly and sustainably, caring for your children and for our natural world at the same time.

Health benefitsimage-billeder-kapok-duvet

Kapok is absolutely clean, chemical-free fiber. It has no odour, yet contains natural insect repelent wax. Therefore no dust-mite thrive in Kapok fiber. Labaratory tests at ALKA-BELLO laboratory in Denmark have showed NO mites even after 2 months usage.

Test of a top mattress used for a couple of months and then washed and used it again. The test showed also this time NO mites.

CEIBA kapok bedding  is a concept that honors the balance between man and nature.