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· 100% pure organic merino wool
· KBT, IVN, GOTS certificates
· Handwash 30 degrees .

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Lanacare organic woolen diapers for natural and healthy diapering period. Wool touches the skin very softly, giving natural feeling of warmth. Due to their natural softness, woolen diapers give baby a great freedom of movement. Organic wool absorbs moisture and keeps the baby warm sametime. Natural lanolin in the wool neautralises the ammonia in the urine, therefore – no red buttom for the baby and no odours. Wool lets the skin breathe naturally and keeps the skin from infections. Woolen diapers are easy to use, as well as economical – 3 diaper covers are enough for the whole period. Further on they can be used a warm underwear.
Larger sizes have adjustable waist. Small opening in the outer seam of the woolen waistband allows you to access the inner elastic band, with button/buttonholes, to adjust for the perfect fit for your baby. Only soft organic wool touches your baby’s sensitive skin.

Diaper covers shall be changed with each diaper change, even if it feels dry. This will prevent leaks. When the cover begins to smell of urine even when dry, it is time to wash. The lanolin has been used up. Rinse the diaper cover in lukewarm water. Then wash in lukewarm water, by hand, with enough Lanolin Soap to keep the water sudsy. Swoosh gently. Let the woolen cover soak about 15 minutes to allow the lanolin to penetrate wool fibers. Squeeze out water, then roll in towel and press out excess water. Place to air-dry, or place over mild-heat source for quicker drying.

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  • XS for under 3 kg
  • Small for 3-5 kg
  • Medium for 5-9 kg
  • Large for 9 – 14 kg
  • X-Large for above 14 kg)
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