Leg-, knee & armwarmer


This gentle woolen warmer provides warmth an relief for muscles and joints. It is very beneficiary for such problems as:
*decreased circulation to feet/legs or hands;
*Over dressings on wounds to dilate blood vessels and help increase circulation to site;
*Over bony prominences, as extra cushioning to help prevent pressure sores;
*For achy muscles and joints;
*Over sensitive joints for extra insulation from cold.

Made of soothingly soft KbT, GOTS, IVN Best certified organic merino wool, meeting world’s highest standards for organic textiles.



Large, Medium, Small, XLarge, Xsmall, XXlarge


Light grey, Nature

· 100% pure organic merino wool
· KBT, IVN, GOTS certificates
· Handwash 30 degrees .

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