Nelson white

Baby Nelson hat


Baby Nelson-hat in single-layer hat of soothingly soft organic merino wool. It pulls easily over baby’s head, sitting closely over the head and the neck. It protect ears and neck from wind and cold, also covering the back and the chest. The scarf is unnescessary. Gives warmth, yet breathes to maintain comfortable temperature.

Made of soothingly soft KbT, GOTS, IVN Best certified organic merino wool, meeting world’s highest standards for organic textiles.


0-3 mth/50, 1-3 year/98, 3-6 mth / 62, 6-9 mth/74, 9-12 mth/80


Blue, Light brown, Light grey, Nature, Pink

· 100% pure organic merino wool
· KBT, IVN, GOTS certificates
· Handwash 30 degrees .

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